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Meaningful Mapping A community-driven data workgroup & map resource that address food access

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The Real 90 Day Challenge

Building a stronger foundation for ongoing collaboration.

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Vital Village is a network of residents and organizations committed to maximizing child, family, and community wellbeing.

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Our Projects

Beyond the safety net, weaving our community tapestry to support every child.

C-K-READY is the first major, national cluster-RCT to evaluate impact of CenteringParenting on child outcomes at 24 months of age.
The Vital Village Innovation Grants support communities to develop collaborative projects aimed at promoting well-being in early childhood by building community capacity, increasing collective actions, and preventing childhood adversities.
Building trauma-informed opportunity structures to enhance social support, economic security, and community resources and support the development of family strengths and protective factors during the prenatal period.
Optimizing the prosperity of Vital Village neighborhoods through peer-to-peer advocacy using our service learning model to prevent and address social and material hardships.
Collaboratives to support schools and families in optimizing the social and emotional development of young children and engagement of families with elementary schools prior to having a school-age child.
Committed to improving access to breastfeeding support for every caregiver in Boston and promoting social connections and optimal child enrichment in early life.

Village Vital Signs

Our publically shared community data dashboard.

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