Webinar: Elevating Power through Healing-Centered Action: Reflections from the Greater Boston Birth Equity Coalition

Date/Time: Apr. 25, 2024, 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Register here: https://cutt.ly/NOWwebinarApril2024

How can we build community power to achieve equity and justice for birthing families? Join us for the second installment of the 2024 NOW webinar series with a dynamic conversation with members of the Greater Boston Birth Equity Coalition (GBBEC). Launched through a collaborative, cross-sector design process in 2022, the GBBEC focuses on serving families furthest from opportunity as they welcome new children from across the Boston metro region. Learn more about members’ journey in launching the coalition, its process to design a coalition governance and decision making structure that uplifts the dignity of its members, and healing-centered practices and strategies they are leading to advance holistic approaches to prevent maternal morbidity and mortality, and improve maternal and infant health and birth care for families in the Commonwealth. 

Featured Speakers:

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NOTA: Hay una línea en español disponible para los participantes que deseen escuchar interpretación en vivo durante el seminario web.